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Sep 16, 2016 at 11:47 AM

Not able to install BO 4.1 SP6 Client


Hello Guys,

I've come to you because I don't know what else to do to install BO Client.

The package I'm using for the new installation was used to install in another machine, so the package is not corrupted at all.

Machine OS: Windows 7

Installed package: Microsoft Visual C++ 2013

The entire log that is generated is below:

08:33:21.534 Log opened on 2016/09/16 08:33:21

08:33:21.536 Setup engine launch has happened from existing INSTALLDIR

08:33:21.536 Engine 64-bit capable: true

08:33:21.539 Mapping system locale to installer lang code...

08:33:21.539 Language: en

08:33:21.539 Country: US

08:33:21.539 Calculated installer lang code string as: en

08:33:21.540 Initializing string resolver for the first time.

08:33:21.540 Available setup langs: ar;cs;da;de;en;es;fi;fr;he;hu;is;it;ja;ko;nb;nl;pl;pt;ro;ru;sk;sl;sv;th;tr;zh_CN;zh_TW

08:33:21.540 Initial setup lang: en

08:33:21.540 Parsing file: C:\BO 4.1\SAP BusinessObjects\InstallData\setup.engine\uitext\setup.engine.lang_en.uitext.xml

08:33:21.543 Number of strings parsed: 144

08:33:21.544 Error: Short du id no longer supported for ResolvedID:

08:33:21.544 Error: ResolvedID: empty coreID

08:33:21.544 Error: Product ID is empty. Exiting...

08:33:21.544 Exiting Windows wmain function

Does anyone know what "short du" means?

I know du as a command in UNIX like systems, but this time it does not mean anything for me in this environment.

Does anyone know how to configure "du" for long id?

Any help is highly appreciated!