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Sep 16, 2016 at 10:46 AM

How to maintain Hierarchy for non logical number ids in BPC


Hello, i have a dimension named 0ORGUNIT. The master data for that orgunit has been maintained in sequential order with many parent nodes in between. The list is big, and any time new number/ID can be added to any parent. The other part of this dimension is every parent has got data to be stored. As BPC cannot store parent data, all the members are taken as base level members

For Reporting purpose i need to show the same with parent and child relationships. How to handle this scenario?

Please find the sample hierarchy structure below.

ID Description PARENT 5000000 MD's office 5000001 CEO's office 5000000 5000221 Internal Audit 5000001 5000002 COO 5000000 5000222 Operations 5000002 5000223 Contact Center 5000222 5000224 Customer Service 5000222 5000225 Branch Operations 5000222