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Sep 16, 2016 at 09:05 AM

Document counter restricted with characteristic values



I have a requirement,

characteristic name: ABC

value of characteristic: Add, duplicate, Edit so on.

data in BW

doc number line item abc

001 1 ADD

001 2 ADD

001 3 duplicate

002 1 Add

003 1 Add

004 1 Edit

they want to uniquely count total doc number, doc number with respect to abc values end result looks like this

Abc Count %

Add 3 3/4 *100

duplicate 1 1/4*100

Edit 1 1/4*100

I created counter using exceptional aggregation detail value <>0 and ref characteristic is doc. number.

I am getting right total count "4" but when i add ABC characteristic and the number of count is different like "ADD" = 8. its look like it is also counting line item too.

please help me to fix this.