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Sep 16, 2016 at 05:33 AM

Integrate dispute created in SFDC with FSCM and vice versa


For one of the scenarios, once the dispute case(linked to an invoice) is created in SFDC, data will flow to ECC with FI Document/Company Code/Year/Reason Code , dispute case will be automatically be created in FSCM and linked to FI document.

But if there is change of Invoice at SFDC side, the Invoices/FI document objects which are linked to the dispute case should also get modified based on the changes in SFDC side.

Below is the query:

1. BAPI used BAPI_DISPUTE_CREATE when executed in FSCM directly creates the dispute without checking the accounting document in ECC side and it will not update the dispute with the Invoice. Hence we are going for custom development to get the invoice linked and dispute created. Could you let us know why the above standard BAPI cannot be used.

2. Also, is there standard program/BAPI which can be used for modification(deletion of existing invoices and addition of new invoices) of the invoices which are linked to dispute case in FSCM(similar to a report RFDM3000 used in ECC for case creation).