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Sep 15, 2016 at 09:46 PM

Table triggers missing


HI Guru's,

We have a real time connection setup between ECC to HANA. Noticied trigerrs for all tables are missing after SLT support pack upgrade , we would like to understand the root cause of missing triggers .

Is it due to not suspending loads during support pack upgrade?

How to recover from this scenario?. we have more than 30 tables in that connection and the status of the trigger cloumn shows " Inconsistent trigger". I also tried below option but its not working. Any input is greatly appreciated.

1. Deleted data from the HANA ZTABLE, deleted entries of Ztable in RS_STATUS, also executed " Reset all objects and settings for a table in SLT"

2. Restarted Data load however SLT calculates no.of records to be calculated but does not load data into HANA. Status remains in Initial load, aslo does not show up under " INprocess"


SLT Error.jpg (39.2 kB)
Erro log 2.jpg (127.7 kB)