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Sep 15, 2016 at 06:25 PM

how to Implement Number Ranges in SD ?


Hi friends,

My requirement is that Once you create Sales order in VA01, that Sales order number range interval should be different for different Company codes, Sales organization and Document type.

Step 1

for that I have created 1 custom table(ZSD_va01) with 4 fields


2 Company code

3 Sales org

4 Document type

5 Num_range

and assigning value to above declared field like

Company code Sales organization Document type Num_range

1000 1000 OR 26

Step 2

Created Number range interval in t code 'VN01'

Added like

Num- From value To value

26 4100000 510000

Step 3

Assigned number interval to SD document type in 'VOV8'

Sales document type- 'OR'

Sales document Category- 'C'

Number range internal assignment- '26'

and saved it

Step 4

Open include MV45AFZZ in SE38 editor

and clicked on enhancement then clicked on show implicit enhancement after that created enhancement


User_exit_num_range using number_range_intern

Enhancement 340 Znum_range

Tables: Zsd_va01

Select single * from Zsd_va01

where bukrs = vbak-bukrs,

vkorg = vbak-vkorg

auart = vbak-auart

if sy -subrc = 0.

if not zsd_va01-num_range is initial.

us_range_intern = zsd_va01-Num_range.

end if.

end if.

End enhancement


finally activate the enhancement,

but my problem is that whenever I am crating a sales order for OR, 1000(sales org) then sales order is creating between interval 41000001 whatever value I assigned above but while I am changing Sales org(3000) in Va01 and try to create another order then order range interval is same 4100002,

for that I checked in SNRO, one object is there, RV_BELEG, this object hold all the number range internal for Document type 'OR'.

Could you guide me, how number range will be change for different sales organization.

Thanks and regards