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Sep 15, 2016 at 04:18 PM

Slow performance in AMDP


Dear SCN Members,

In one of blogs by Horst Keller, he wrote about performance improvement in string concatenation.

I'm fortunate to be working on SAP 750 with HANA DB; so I thought of checking the performance when strings are concatenated at DB level. I added my comments and Horst, being always helpful, gave me some pointers to do performance testing.

To my surprise, the results with AMDP is taking a lot of time when checked in SAT and GET RUN TIME.

Now I'm not aware of what's happening under the hood but would love to learn why and where AMDP is slowing down.

I've attached a Word document having code, results and screenshots to avoid cluttering this space.



1.jpg (43.0 kB)
input.jpg (7.0 kB)