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Sep 15, 2016 at 08:44 AM

Transfer of inbound deliveries using 2LIS_12 extractors possible?



we have problems transferring inbound SD-deliveries to our BW system using 2LIS-Datasources



We already found out that no SD deliveries of "Document Cat." [VBTYP ] 7 (Delivery/shipment notification) are transferred, but we need them for reporting.

In SBIW logistics customizing cockpit we found out that the "update groups of item level" are only configured for update groups "1: Sales Document, Delivery, BIlling Document" and "2: Returns, Returns Delivery, Credit Memo".

But for update groups 403 and 404, "Deliveries / Returns where Preceding Document is Purchase Order" no customizing was made.

Does Anyone have experience transferring inbound deliveries into BW reporting using 2LIS_12 extraction?

Are we checking the right way using 2LIS_12 extractors or is there no way transferring the data using business content datasources?

Thank you and Best Regards