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Sep 15, 2016 at 08:53 AM

Time: Special Days are still counted as Worked Days


Dear colleagues, SAP experts

I need to define some fixed days (they are different depending on the year) as non-working but paid days (like Saturday or Sunday). For example the day of 24.02.2017 is such a special day. I configured these days in T553S table with success and in IT0007 these days are correctly marked with "3" day type.

table T553S

BUT my issue is that the number of hours / working days is still counting on for this special day, in spite of the fact that this is non-working day. The consequence is that in payroll (table PARTT, for example) is not correct, the proration done in payroll for amounts is not correct either.

I suppose that this is because in my IT0007 I see see my daily WS with the number of hours, but I do not know how to replace my DWS "8800" by DWS "FREE" (where the number of hours is equal to 0). There is no way to link this special day to any variant of DWS, at least I have not found such day.

could you please help me on this?

thank you in advance

Natacha Thommeret