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Sep 15, 2016 at 07:19 AM

icmhttph.log file is not being created


Hello experts,

we have found a problem with icmhttph.log file is not being created on some of our systems. We have profile parameter icm/HTTP/logging_0 set to

PREFIX=/, LOGFILE=icmhttph.log, FILTER=SAPSMD, LOGFORMAT=SAPSMD2, MAXSIZEKB=10240,FILEWRAP=on, SWITCHTF=month (according to documentation in managed system configuration), I have also tried PREFIX=/, LOGFORMAT=SAPSMD, LOGFILE=icmhttp.log, MAXSIZEKB=10240, SWITCHTF=day, FILEWRAP=on (from note 1252944). Then obviously I have restarted ICM in SMICM, I can also see in SMICM that parameters are set in SMICM->Parameters->Display. Self diagnosis in Solution Manager tells us to follow note 1252944, which does not work. If I create log file manually under the user <SID>adm and if I test /SDF/READ_HTTP_LOG_INST log file is retrieved from OS level.

Problem is, that this problem has started to occur just recently, we have updated our ST-PI and A/PI components, applied some solman notes and patched servers before, but I can say if this can be reason, because the problem occurred just on some systems and not at once.

We are running SM 7.1 SP14, this particular managed system is SAP ECC 6.0, kernel 721/600, with solman components ST-PI 2008_1_700 SP14 and ST-A/PI 01S_700 SP1 running on HP-UX.

Thank you for every help,

sincerely Jan


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