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Sep 15, 2016 at 04:28 AM

FI Transactions e.g. FAGLL03, performance is bad when look for archived data


Hi All

We have some questions about FI transactions related to archived data.

Out team set up data archiving for FI_DOCUMENT with SAP basic functions.

FI transactions , e.g. FAGLL03, FBL1N, FBL5N the response is really bad, when get the archived data.

Before FBL5N finished within a minute, but currently it took several hours some times.

2 questions below:

Q1: In the case of file input/out response is bad, the transactions like FBL5N finished within 1 minute before,

after archived, took several hours, is it usual?

Q2: Is there any good solution to avoid performance degradation when get archived data with FI transactions?