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Sep 14, 2016 at 02:24 PM

Delete reloaded data from NLS


Hello Guys,

I have a scenario with NLS archival reload back to cube and need help to understand how it works.

  • Reloaded archived request of one cube ZCUBE from NLS to BW
  • Archived NLS Request Status flag is marked as “Deletion Request Flagged”
  • Now a new request load to Cube appears “Request w/o InfoPackage (APO Request)”
  • Data is now reported directly from cube and not from NLS anymore
  • After reload to cube – data still available in /BIC/ONZCUBE Sybase IQ table and no changes happened to its entries
  • REQSTAT changed from 7 to 8 for request id of /BIC/ORZCUBE table
  • Re-archived the same periods. Data records are just doubled in the /BIC/ONZCUBE table
  • Cube and Report Output are still correct and bringing accurate information through NLS

Now my question is how the data of /BIC/ONZCUBE will be deleted. Is there a step to be followed to cleanup the IQ table after deletion. Otherwise this table holds data even through its reloaded back to BW.

Please see below screenshots with details. Thanks.