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Sep 14, 2016 at 02:00 PM

SAP Gateway or PO REST adapters for mobile application


Hello Gateway Pros,

We have a mobile application that field technicians logon to tablets and perform various transactions ( for eg enter time, create/post parts order ) .

Currently we have a setup ( Non SAP mobile platform UI <=> non SAP middleware with DB <=> legacy application ERP ) which we be rolling out SAP to replace Legacy ERP. existing Mobile platform and non sap middleware are designed to work together for eg to process order when tablet goes offline.

We have SAP PO with REST adapter and SAP Netweaver gateway in landscape , now the questions is deciding which one would best suit the scenario.

I have read various blogs on SCN which has given me a good idea about the PO capabilities vs Netweaver but I have few more questions

1) Can SAP Netweaver good tool to use if we have to communicate large set of data any limitations ?

for eg if the mobile application requests for all Parts in inventory and there customer pricing

2) PO comes with great monitoring tools does SAP Netweaver has those capabilities

3) can SAP Netweaver handle offline scenarios any link that explains offline scenarios will be great help ?

4) what are the advantages or disadvantages of using SAP Netweaver over SAP PO ( specific to my scenario )

Thanks for your time.