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Sep 14, 2016 at 01:41 PM

WWI server issues - winword.exe hanging


We have WWI Generation Servers for creating raw reports and Print Request Servers for GLM+ to print Labels.

Soemtimes we face the issue that the WWI Services stop. In most of the cases the reason is that there is a hanging winword.exe process. We set up that the winword.exe process should be deleted after 120 seconds but it seems this doesn't work in all cases. We did a lot of Investigation but couldn't detect the root cause ( I assume it takes longer to identify the root cause because even our temporary files and dump-files from SP42 weren't of much use for the OSS Support). Also Event log and Microsoft Office alerts don't help much. It could be that word is waiting for a user action which can't be performed because it is running under a Service user but this might not always be the root cause.

Unfortunately in the area of GLM this means production has to stop because we have at least to stop and restart all services. For the Generation Server farm this means the number of available services reduces and the Queue might stuck and the users can't create new raw reports.

So we're looking for some answers/workarounds:

1) Anybody else had the same issues? If yes, did you find a solution or at least gvie me a hint

2) If the WWI services stop is it possible to raise an alert in SAP so somebody gets informed (it would save time).

3) I thought it is not possible to run multiple word sessions under the same user. So my idea was to set up a service user for each process (at least on each Server). Is this possible or do the services Need to run under the same user which is defined in the Management Service? Then one hanging word process wouldm not stop the other services from working (Problem esp. on Print Request Servers).

4) Is the timeout to kill the word process after a certain time also valid for print request Servers because the comment in wwi.ini says:

;Used by Generation Server only

; Purpose Kill Worsd after N seconds when Word hangs for some reason

; Be careful not to kill running Word processes


So it refers explicitely to Genberation Servers

Best regards,