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Sep 14, 2016 at 12:31 PM

Design Studio Map component


We are using Design Studio 1.6 and are trying to display a simple set of results on a map.

The results are either a 1 (pass to be displayed green) or a 0 (fail to be displayed red).

We want to shade the areas of the map according to the result.

When using the standard Geo Map component, this works correctly as long as we have at least one of each value returned from the data source.

However, if all the results from the data source are a single value (i.e. all 1) then the map does not display correctly, we get all sections of the map displayed as the End Color from the component.

This appears to be due to the way that choropleth maps work in that they expect a range of values.

What we would like is a map component that can take a custom geoJSON file and that enables us to assign a colour based on a result or range of results.

So for example to say that a pass would show green and a fail show red, or that results 90% to 100% are green, 51% to 89% are yellow whilst everything else is red and absent data is grey.

Does anyone know of a map component that would allows us to achieve this?