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Accessing file Attachments name in JAVA Mapping

Hello Folks,

I have File sender Channel and it is having additional files concept. So I have total 4 files on Sender side.

Lets say these are :

Attachment Files :




Main payload file : Student_Final.txt

These files are getting picked up without any issue and I am getting Student_Final.txt as main Payload and others are as attachment. I am fine till now.

SOAP Header :

Now I need to access the file attachment name in Java Mapping before reading the content of the file. So here I need to access the filename which is inside the <sap:name> tag i.e. Student_1.txt or Student_2.txt or Student_3.txt

I tried with the below methods and getting the values :

Method : attachment.getContantType()

Value : application/xml;

Method : attachment.getContentId();

Value is different for the each attachment and looks like :

I had look in message monitor :

So Content Type is not containing the file name here.

Please suggest how to get attachment file name.


Best Regards

Om Heerani

SOAPHeader.JPG (80.2 kB)
Capture.JPG (12.4 kB)
Capture.JPG (21.4 kB)
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1 Answer

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    Posted on Sep 14, 2016 at 12:06 PM


    Can you try with this UDF.

    String attachmentID = null;
    GlobalContainer globalContainer = container.getGlobalContainer();
    InputAttachments inputAttachments = globalContainer.getInputAttachments();
    Collection<String> CollectionIDs = inputAttachments.getAllContentIds(true);
    Object[] arrayObj = CollectionIDs.toArray();
    attachmentID = (String)arrayObj[0];
    Attachment attachment = inputAttachments.getAttachment(attachmentID);
    int attachmentsize = attachment.getContent().length;
    return "Attachment Name : "+attachmentID +"  Attachment Size : "+attachmentsize+" bytes";
    else {
    return "no attachment found";

    In OM make sure you mark "Read Attachments".



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    • Hello Manoj,

      Yes. It worked. As per your suggestion I used the MultipartHeaderBean Module in Sender File channel. This module worked fine with the file Sender channel.

      All Header information of Main Payload & Attachments appeared in Dynamic Configuration tab as below.

      Now I checked the file name on the basis of Content-Disposition using Dynamic Configuration and got the corresponding Attachment data using the Content-ID.

      In the below method, I put the Content-ID which was retrieved from Dynamic Configuration instead of putting the Attachment ID because both values are same.

      Attachment attachment = inputAttachments.getAttachment(key_id);

      Thanks for your help.

      Best Regards

      Om Heerani

      Capture1.JPG (111.3 kB)