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Sep 14, 2016 at 10:53 AM

Loading/Instantiating one Component in another Component + (Routing)Nested Comp. navigation


Hi All,

I am facing an issue with nested app navigation. Hope someone with relevant knowledge can help me out. Please find details below:

1. Development environment i am using is WebIDE:

2. Two Projects: reuseComp1, reuseComp2.

3. I've added the route for reuseComp2 in reuseComp1 neo app file.

4. I've registered the module path and used"reuse.test.comp2.Component") to load the Component. and that folder data is loaded as shown below:

So till now I've achieved the loading of an another component, by which i can reuse my libraries. But i am facing two issues now:

1. when i put a break point in init method of reuseComp2 which i am loading manually, the break point is not getting triggered. I know i am not instantiating the loaded component but want to know how to instantiate the same.

2. How to perform navigation of views using nested components, I found some material here but i feel like it is not sufficient:

I some how have to navigate to the view in another component(reuseComp2) from reuseComp1

Please let me know how to solve these issue.

Thanks in Advance!



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