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TM->EM propagation issue

Hello experts,

I´m having problems propagating newly created event codes to the corresponding eventhandlers, when triggering the event in the TM-System. The current situation is as follows:
I have custom expected events in my freight unit and freight order eventhandlers. The corresponding eventhandlers are customized too, with own functions for parameter extraction, expected event extraction and so on. I have customized the expected event extractors for those eventhandlers, to have these new events filled with data. They show up in my eventhandlers and in the execution-tab in the TM-system, just as desired. I can report those events in the WEBUi, from where they get propagated to the TM too.

My problem is:

When reporting the event in the TM system, the information won´t get propagated to the em system.

This is a problem, because i need to be able to report these events to my freight unit eventhandler, which get propagated to the FU in the TM-System (works), to the corresponding FO in the TM-System (works) and back to the FO Eventhandler (doesn´t work). This is still working for already existing events like LOAD_BEGIN etc.

As I´m relatively new to the EM and TM, I´m not quite sure which buttons to press to make it work. I checked on the DOA-settings and changed the output type from synchronous to asynchronous and back again, as i´ve seen it has helped others with similar problems .

A different solution seems to have been the EM-Relevance of Eventtypes but I can´t see how to connect the Eventtype with my Eventcodes.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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    Sep 14, 2016 at 10:23 AM


    to propagate execution information from TM with custom event code (ie. sending an event message) to EM, you have to create a custom event type for this. The connection between event type and event code is done in the relevance function of the event type. For the standard event types a check is done there on the event code.

    Best regards, Daniel

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    • Hi Daniel,

      thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

      After creating the event types , including the extractor and relevance-function, it works.

      Thanks a lot!!