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Sep 14, 2016 at 08:50 AM

HTTP_AAE sender adapter error


Hello Experts,

I am looking for some help in the below scenario on PI7.4 dual stack.

We have a Advanced Adapter Engine installed and are in the process of converting existing HTTP communication to HTTP_AAE.

There is a scenario where one interface is triggering another interface on the same PI server through SOAP-HTTP request.

First interface - >

RFC -> SOAP (Synchronous)

Here receiver URL is nothing but HTTP_AAE url of same PI server. This is the URL used to post data to HTTP endpoint -


Second interface - >

HTTP_AAE -> RFC (Synchronous) Here I have used message protocol as POST in HTTP_AAE.

When testing this interface with plain HTTP it works fine. For HTTP_AAE I am getting 500 internal server error.

Can someone please provide some suggestions ?