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Sep 14, 2016 at 01:42 AM

How to add variables at Forms & Reports (FSI4 & FSI1)


Dear Experts,

I have two requirements of inserting two variables. One in the form (FSI4) and one in the report (FSI1).

Form & Report types are selected "RFRRS10 Balance Display".

1st requirement:

The variable to be inserted in my form should be of text variable, and the importance of this is, "it has to be one of the selection parameters, and whatever input we give against it, would be displayed on the output at the column header" like below....

To my surprise it is not a Global variable also and while I am creating a form, I am not having any option of inserting new variables at Variables definition option.

Whatever the text variable I give at the selection is seen at the output like below....

2nd requirement:

The variable to be inserted in my report would be almost a type of characteristic I believe, and it is "Financial Statement Version", though it is not maintained in the form at General Selection Parameters, the importance of it would be, "it has to be either auto-populated at the selection or manually changed" and the report output should display in the drilldown-hierarchical manner as per FSV.

Actually this was an existing development in the current system, but there was no one support how this was defined. Kindly support me immediately.