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Sep 13, 2016 at 06:51 PM

the 'Can Grow' field not wrapping but extending to the right


I have a subreport where I'd like the text of the fields to wrap around, but their text contents are just get clipped off.

I read on other posts to place the field in a text box and set it's 'Can Grow' feature to selected. But it made no difference.

The @Path and @txtOjbFieldMessage are in the "Details a" section.

The @Path is coming from a SQL Server table column of type varchar(max).

(Maybe that is why CR refers to it as a "Memo" type.)

The @txtOjbFieldMessage is coming from type nvarchar(200).

As a test, I put in the text boxes XXXX and ZZZZ in the Group Header above Details 'a' section and shortened the text boxes.

With the thought that the text of the "@"fields should end just prior to where XXXX and ZZZZ begin.

So there shouldn't be any text below XXXX and ZZZZ.

Instead the text of @Path and @txtOjbFieldMessage extend all the way to the field that follows it.

Perhaps that behaviour is related to why the text won't wrap?

Please enlighten me. Why does the text extend past their defined areas and why don't they wrap to the next line?

(Using Crystal Reports 2016)