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Sep 13, 2016 at 07:41 PM

WDA Leave Request - Approval showing employee team calendar


Hi Everyone,

Is there a configuration or setting that tells the UWL what mode to open a leave request in (Approval vs Reques)? That would control the employee selection of the team calendar in the UWL approval screen's team calendar.

Normally if the employees belong to the same org unit the approver manages there is no issue. However, with managers or managers with sub org units it becomes more obvious.

Scenario: Manager reports to a Director who approvers all workflows. The manager belongs to and manages a sub org unit to that of the Director.

Org Unit 1 -> Director

-> Secretary/Assistants

Org Unit 2 -> Manager

-> 10 Employees that report to the manager

Current Behavior: In the UWL when the director opens the leave request from the manager in this example they see 10 employees and the manager's absence details. They were expecting to see the manager and secretary/assistant instead which are their direct reports. The same list you would see in the MSS team calendar or employee selection (depending on OADP configuration).

Is there configuration that I can be used to control what employee data is displayed in this screen.

I have reviewed:

- V_PTREQ_TEAM and the Approver Mode (A) which appears to be pointing to the same OADP config as MSS team calendar

- OADP config to see if there is an option for this alone, but I don't see one.

Any insight to what I'm missing or if this is just how the iview works would be great. I'm not saying the behavior is wrong, but want to know what configuration options are available.