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Sep 13, 2016 at 07:24 PM

Flavor-Assignment specific for Program and Screen


Dear Experts,

in a customer project for SAP HCM we need to assign Personas-Flavors to Roles (or Users) specific for Program and Screen.

Currently in /PERSONAS/ADMIN I am able to assign a Flavor based on a Trasaction Level.

Did I just miss something? If not, this would be a great Feature for future releases, from my point of view.

Why this?

In SAP HCM there are a couple of Programs and Screens running under the same transaction ID.

For example when using Fast Entry of Actions, the user opens Transaction PA42 and selects an action. He is "redirected" to a specific implementation (ABAP program) for this purpose. So when we provide a Button in a Personas Flavor, leading a User directly into the action program, a Flavor assigment on transaction level is not sufficient anymore, if more than one action (and therefore more than one Flavor) exists. We have to change the Flavor using Personas Scripting, but this overrides the rules maintained in Backend and is just a Workaround. The better solution would be an assingment on Program and even Screen Level.

Why even Screen Level?

In HCM, country-specific requirements for HCM Infotypes are often implemented in specific screens for a country. These screens run within the same program and transaction (PA20/PA30) as the main screen, e.g. infotype MP0006xx. So if you use your solution for several countries, you will not only have to maintain a Flavor for every country-specific screen, you would also have to create a large switch/case-Script for the selection of the right Flavor for a country. And this even not the full truth, as the backend implements a complex logic to find the correct screen for an employee, depending on multiple customizing settings.

Do you see a possibility to provide a solution for these cases in HCM?

Thanks in adavance!