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Sep 13, 2016 at 03:29 PM

Missing tables in ABAP dictionary - DBA_COCKPIT_HELPER and MLICHECK~


Dear Experts,

as the title says - in ST04 diagnostics, I have tables DBA_COCKPIT_HELPER and MLICHECK~

declared missing in the ABAP dictionary.

About DBA_COCKPIT_HELPER, I found SAP note:

1374746 - DBA Cockpit: Temporary table ORA_COCKPIT_HELPER

But when I try to execute the statement there, I am getting the following error:

<SID> Insufficient privilege to access specified tables.

And at the bottom of SAP GUI, at the status line there is a green tick and then:

Exception CX_DBA_ROOT in class CL_ORA_SQL_EXECUTOR method line 40

And I am executing this under DDIC !!! And I've also tried as SAP* !!! What is the privilege that those users can't possibly have ???

Please also advise what to do with table MLICHECK~ ? Many thanks in advance!