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Sep 12, 2016 at 07:32 PM

Issues with SOAP Adapater - HTTP AXIS


Hi guys!

We are trying do a communication between our SAP ECC and a service from third party(WebService) by PI with SOAP Adapter. The problem that we have is a module that return the error below:

Information: MP: processing local module localejbs/AF_Adapters/axis/AFAdapterBean

Error: MP: exception caught with cause A security error was encountered when verifying the message.

We get the XML generated on payload and tested it using SOAP UI. The communication happened with success.

The adapter that we are using is SOAP, protocol is HTTP - AXIS (Communication channel - receiver) because we need to inform the user and pw with basic authentification.

Follows attached the evidences.

Could someone help us?

Best regards,


Error message.png (28.5 kB)