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Sep 12, 2016 at 10:59 AM

HCPms with LDAP Authentication


Dear All,

We are trying to use On-Premise User Store with HCP Mobile Services. We have followed the steps below with the help of SAP HANA Cloud Platform

1. We have created Destination of SCIM - Creating Destination

2. SAP Cloud Connector is configured with LDAP details to fetch the user details

3. Deployed the "PingAppHttpBasicAuth.war" Neo Code and JAVA services are running successfully. However, we get 404 when we test with the LDAP user login details. Logs indicate that the user has successfully authenticated.

With HCPms,

1. With HCPms, I have gone to Settings -> Account Security -> Enabled SCIM Type as On-premise and SCIM Destinations are set

2. When I try to ping the App ID, its able to ping via Cloud Connector

3. But when we test it via Rest Client, its does not work and we have the login window back again. Logs indicate 403, and 401 sometimes.

I want to understand how HCPms and SCIM/Java app deployed are connecting to validate the user in LDAP and is there any other configurations required to get this working?

Looping in @Martin Grasshoff @Jitendra Kansal any suggestions?