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Former Member
Sep 12, 2016 at 07:17 AM

Regarding SAP Portal performance


Dear Experts,

Hope you all are fine. Currently we are facing some issue. We have two different landscape at different location. Server specification(hardware/capacity/application using) all are same. He have SAP ECC, CRM and EP installed. But suddenly we are facing some issue regarding SAP EP Server's ram utilization. Note: We are using EP only for ADS at both location. Please see the below screenshots:

1. Landscape:1

Output of command glance(memory utilization is high always)

Output of command Machinfo.

2. Landscape:2

Output of command glance(this is showing less):

Output of command machinfo:

So can anybody help me to trace/analyze the issue that why same application(SAP Portal) running on same spec machine showing difference performance ?