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Sep 12, 2016 at 12:19 AM

Soap lookup in SAP PI


Hello Expert

I have requirement for IDOC to webs-service for third pty system , There is two things :

1> I will trigger the data from Idoc and target is a web service . between mapping i will use a SOAP Lookup .This lookup call a web service ,In this web service 3 input parameter .

a . Email address b .password c .ClientApplicationIdentifier.

and after pass three parameter we get two response parameter example

a.ServiceUrl>https://Rounting service

b> QueryServiceUrl >https://Query service .

Query service is my final target url .using this service we will send the data to target system.

Please let me know how i can use soap lookup ,.Only jdbc lookup and RFC lookup in SAP PI . Can you provide me a java code for this lookup .