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Sep 11, 2016 at 03:50 PM

Materiel Ledger- profit center valuation


Hello all

I have an issue on ML processing.

On Profit center valuation, in some case, we need to roll up cost from profit center to over profit center and for other case, transfer price is equal to standard price.

In 8KEZ, you can define a price when you are doing the flow. But the condition base has no effect on closing. For example, if i take

SAP tries to collect ML price in MM flow and I have an error.

userexit PCATP001 defines rules during the flow but there is no impact in the end of month

On OKTZ transaction, for now we don't apply this customizing but i don't know if there is my effect.

So have you any idea to authorize the rollup of the cost in profit center valuation for some relation for example CP1 to CP2 or CP3, but when I have a flow between CP2 to CP3 or CP1, there is no roll up of the cost.

I don't find Badi to do that.

Thanks for your return