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Sep 10, 2016 at 04:12 AM

Document splitting issue


Cess payable account is wrongly splitting into different profit center in general ledger view.

In display entry view we can view only one profit center.

What we can analyse vat payable is also splitting wrongly.And we have created a test case in QAS.

What I see that 14.43- Profit center 1215 is picked from base line 14 i.e. 5944.20- profit center 1215. Though its base line is 7 I.e. 948.00- Profit center 1310.

The serious issue is ,Client is using SAP standard Splitting Method- 0000000012-which sap will not allow to change. If we change it will again scrapped once sap is upgraded and that time know one know where it will impact.

2nd , it is too late to change this split method to Z. Ideally company makes Z000000012 copy of this 0000000012.

So only solution, we can modify standard config, if sap allow and ready for follow on consequence.

When I simulate Dev document 0000090261(VF03 Document), it show correct profit center( see below screen shot) but when document is posted it is showing incorrect profit center.

This program FAGL_CHECK_DOCUMENT_SPLIT also prove that there is some inconsistency in simulation and posting.

Please let me know how do i resolve this.




GL View1.PNG (166.1 kB)
Ddisplay view.PNG (108.8 kB)
QAS test.PNG (63.8 kB)
Dev testing.PNG (96.7 kB)