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Sep 09, 2016 at 01:46 PM

SAP QM for Heijunka production levelling


Hello Experts,

Can anybody refer me to existing knowledge base in establishing SAP QM when the production planning is based on Heijunka ?

Heijunka basically asks to reduce the production lot size and try to include variety of different products who follows the same production sequence.

Thus to produce 1000 quantity of a product with heijunka based production lot of 100 quantity, there will be 10 production orders. The system is designed to create at-least 1 inspection lot and hence to ask for at-least 1 inspection to be carried out per production order.

This results in 10 inspections for a total production quantity of 1000 pieces.

Our requirement for inspection is to do it every 500th product. Hence the total inspections carried out are 10 instead of 2. This consumes time and we want to avoid this.

Any suggestions??

Thanks & Regards,

Rajesh Sangpal