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Approver Actions

Are the only actions available for an Approver, - accept or send back for revision?

I was looking for a 'Reject' action but could not find one..

Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

  • Sep 08, 2016 at 09:45 PM

    Dear Mark,

    For an Approval the Actions Accept and Send Back for revision are mostly appropriate as per my Opinion for the below business reasons.

    Approve : If the Approver feels that every thing is correct , she / he can approve and continue with the business flow.

    Send back for revision : this option guides as a necessary correction which has to be made in the document , so here the expecation would be to implement the suggested change and then send the document again for approval.

    If in case the document itself is invalidated , it can still be left like that with out having the necessity to send it back for approval. (if you notice this behavior , this is the same thing that happens when you Reject ) .

    So once you reject a Document that has come for Approval , a Reject Option would invalidate the document and there will be no further progress and the same is sufficed by Send back for Revision.

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    • Hi Prasanth,

      I understand business reasons for Approved or Send back for revision.

      However in our business case, we are using the Approval as a gate on whether the opportunity owner should keep moving forward and pursuing the opportunity or not. Maybe the Approver is a senior person who decides that, for whatever reason, this opportunity is not worth the time and effort to keep pursuing.

      In this case, they would Reject the approval and ideally, the Status would go to something like 'Stopped'

      So, to my original question - is there more than just Approve and Send back for revision as actions an Approver can take? Is there an actual Reject action?