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Sep 08, 2016 at 03:00 PM

Search Help defaults - table DDSHDEFSH


Through debug we have found that different environments customer search helps are different because of entries in table DDSHDEFSH for our search help C_KUNNR. However, no research or OSS notes tell us how this gets populated in the first place and we have purposely tried to get other environments to have an entry in this table. OSS note does refer to a program RUTF4TOOLS but in production this only allows deletion of entries but not insert or change. SE11 in development allows change, but in Production it doesn't. Can anyone share their experiences of how we populate this table for a default in production for our help C_KUNNR? For search help C_KUNNR we want a custom Z_DEBIK to be the default, and that is the default in one environment, but only one. It appears that we might be able to transport and resort to doing so if needed, but wanted a better understanding of how this table gets populated in the first place. We did a where-used on search help C_KUNNR and that didn't help resolve how to populate the table for C_KUNNR in the first place. Any insight would be appreciated.