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Sep 08, 2016 at 10:43 AM



Hello MDG-F Guru's,

I am quiet new to MDG-F data model. I have gone through SDN pdf's and docs related to MDG finance domian, but not able to find any relevant docs and answers to these below questions:-

1. How are profit center and cost center hierarchy are maintained in MDG, although as per my initial observation at data model level like we have CCTRG entity type which is not version dependent having two nodes as CCTRH as hierarchy name and CCTR as ranges permitted on end node.

so will this configure means a hierarchy is created like CCTRH--> CCTRG-->CCTR , if yes how can I extend it to further level?

2. I have heard about alternate hierarchy in Finance, so is standard model having alternate hierarchy in the data model. If no, how can we create at data model level?

3. what are Parent Group/Type and Previous Group/Type in SAP MDG?

Sorry for asking these very basic questions but as I am newbie to this area.

Can anyone pls help me out with these queries, and any doc's/pdf will be very helpful to get me started with MDG-F.