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Sep 08, 2016 at 06:58 AM

Integration of 2 ERP systems with a single C4C Tenant


Hello all,

Currently we are facing an issue in our implementation related to Integration. We have a requirement wherein we need to integrate 2 back end ERP clients with a single C4C system. We created 2 communication systems for each of the ERP clients. We also created the corresponding communication arrangements for each of the scenarios.

For eg: Business Partner Replication to SAP ERP, we have 2 communication arrangements, each against the corresponding comm. system. We notice that C4C system doesn't make any outgoing call in this case.

If we only have one system and one arrangement, our integration calls work to leave the system and we see the same in the Web Monitoring Log of the Application and User Management WC.

Is this possible? If yes, then please advice on how to proceed on this very critical requirement for our implementation. Can this mapping of which external system the call should target based on our communication arrangement be maintained in the middle ware (we are using HCI as a middle ware), as we cannot find this anywhere.

Similar to Business Partner Replication, we have other calls also that flow from C4C to ERP like Opportunity Follow up creation in external system, Pricing from external system etc.

Thanks and regards,

Nikhil Pais