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Sep 08, 2016 at 03:09 AM

INTERMITTENTLY Error 22 for write/read access to a file on sapmnt


Hi experts,

We run our SAP on SQL Server with Windows Server Failover Cluster and I migrated one DC(qrdcsapdc2) to another DC(qrcsapdc7) a couple weeks ago. We found a few jobs failed from 9/8 2:00am ~ 9/8 4:00am in SM37. I also found there are many error 22 for write/read access to a file on sapmnt in SM21.

  1. 1. The first weird part is the timeframe is very regular. Its occurred only from 2:00am ~ 4:00am(9/6 2:30am happened, too)
  2. 2. The second weird part is we have 7 Additional Application Servers(tccap51 ~ tccap57) and it occurred only on 3 AASs(tccap53, tccap54, tccap55)
  3. 3. By the way, I have disable 8dot3name(fsutil 8dot3name set S: 1) according to note 662452 on 9/6 but I have not restarted OS yet.

File = \\tccprd1\sapmnt\TCP\SYS\global\218JOBLG\0001X01450800X50446

Cannot close the file of a TemSe object (error no 22)

Possible causes & solutions?

  1. 1. Something wrong on Active Directory(DC) authentication issues and I prepare to restart all DCs, DBs and AASs to get new authentication tickets.
  2. 2. Intermittent network packet loss?
  • Replace with new network cables and switch ports
  1. 3. Others….

Please help. Any comments are appreciated.


error 22-1.jpg (185.0 kB)
error 22-2.jpg (419.7 kB)
error 22-3.jpg (637.7 kB)