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INTERMITTENTLY Error 22 for write/read access to a file on sapmnt

Hi experts,

  We run our SAP on SQL Server with Windows Server Failover Cluster and I migrated one DC(qrdcsapdc2) to another DC(qrcsapdc7) a couple weeks ago. We found a few jobs failed from 9/8 2:00am ~ 9/8 4:00am in SM37. I also found there are many error 22 for write/read access to a file on sapmnt in SM21.

  1. 1. The first weird part is the timeframe is very regular. Its occurred only from 2:00am ~ 4:00am(9/6 2:30am happened, too)
  2. 2. The second weird part is we have 7 Additional Application Servers(tccap51 ~ tccap57) and it occurred only on 3 AASs(tccap53, tccap54, tccap55)
  3. 3. By the way, I have disable 8dot3name(fsutil 8dot3name set S: 1) according to note 662452 on 9/6 but I have not restarted OS yet.

File = \\tccprd1\sapmnt\TCP\SYS\global\218JOBLG\0001X01450800X50446

Cannot close the file of a TemSe object (error no 22)

Possible causes & solutions?

  1. 1. Something wrong on Active Directory(DC) authentication issues and I prepare to restart all DCs, DBs and AASs to get new authentication tickets.
  2. 2. Intermittent network packet loss?
  • Replace with new network cables and switch ports
  1. 3. Others….

Please help. Any comments are appreciated.

error 22-1.jpg (185.0 kB)
error 22-2.jpg (419.7 kB)
error 22-3.jpg (637.7 kB)
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1 Answer

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    Sep 08, 2016 at 07:27 AM

    Hi Lee.

    1. check the disk space in MS Sql DB, system and usr folers.

    2. During off time just do the full system restart and the check the SAP system.

    3. Check the SAP note 48400  for the Temse db error



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    • Dennis Lee Karl-Heinz Hochmuth

      Hi Karl,

        Thanks for your reply. I have created an incident to SAP and the problem is solved.


      Hi <xxx>,
        Thanks for your response. It is very useful. I put the SAP directories(sapmnt) together with our secondary database and our backup destination volume in one single SAN storage. I can find average disk sec/write is 47 mini-seconds and peak disk sec/write is 992 mini-seconds(please check the attachment). I think it is the source of the problem. I will move backup destination volume to other storage. By the way, we don't install anti-virus software on our DB server.


      Hi Customer,

      File = \\tccprd1\sapmnt\TCP\SYS\global\218JOBLG\0001X01450800X50446
      Cannot close the file of a TemSe object (error no 22)

      Normally it is not a permission problem unless you have it in all the  jobs.
      OS error 22 can be anything. Temporary unavailable disk (due to  backup or interfering antivirus scanner),
      high load problem on the NTFS  filesystem or Network,  Windows OS resource bottleneck at that point in time and more.

      I have seen several issues of this kind in the past which  occured usually in high load situations.
      And in many cases it was the anti-virus scanner. For this kind of problem we recommend to make sure antivirus scanner is configured to
      EXCLUDE the realtime scan  to the SAP  directories (\usr\sap folders).