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Sep 07, 2016 at 04:47 PM

Request additional RAM - Adivse me


Hello Team

Our team is planning to request additional RAM to resolve the performance issue in the sap instance.

Please help me to calculate how much memory can be requested.

OS : AIX 7.1

SAP : SAP NW 7.5

DB : Oracle 12.1

Total RAM allocated to the server : 20GB

Total Paging allocated to the server : 24GB

As per the ST02 - Detailed analysis - Storage

1)Storage Shared Between Work Processes = 3.792271614 GB

2)User storage for all work processes = 2.144439697 GB

3)Size of SAP executables (Disp+Work) = 0.085132599 GB

4)Size of Extended Memory = 6 GB

5)Maximum heap area for all work processes = 3.725290298 GB

Total (1+2+3+4+5) - SAP = 15.7GB

Please let me know Whether we need to include Heap memory in the total or we can ignore this and calculate only 1+2+3+4?

Oracle memory requirement (SGA + PGA) = 8GB

OS memory requirement = 3GB

Diagnostic agent memory Requirement = 1GB

Grand Total (SAP+ORACLE+OS+DAA) = 27.7GB

System is configured with

14 Dialog process (250MB Per work process)

4 BG process (750MB Per work process)

3 Update process (750MB Per work process)

1 spool process (750MB Per work process)

2 Update 2 process (750MB Per work process)

If we calculate the work process, it will come to around 11GB.

I am little bit confused whether we need to add this 11GB in the Grand total(27.7GB) =38.7GB

Please let me know whether i have to request additional 8GB of RAM or 18 GB of RAM to avoid performance issue?