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Sep 07, 2016 at 05:16 PM

SMP 3.0 SP10: Agentry app config is blank after SMP server restart?


We use SMP 3.0 SP10 on Windows to run Agentry/WM applications. We recently added a new Agentry app. Deployment worked fine and the app was available. But after SMP server restart the new app is no longer available (Communication Error (14) on xmit). There are no errors in the logs, but I do not see any indication that the new app tried to start up in Events.log and the other apps on the SMP server started up ok. When we re-check the app in Mgmt. Console we found that the Backend config was gone / blank.

Another SCN post was found with identical symptoms. In that case the app did not include the Agentry_v5.jar file in the classpath. Our new app does not have this jar file, but the developers indicate that in WM 6.3 it is no longer required.

Can anyone assist with this?

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Best Regards - Jeff