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Sep 07, 2016 at 03:00 PM

New acquistion for ownership additions


Our client has bought of new companies and we need to integrate and consolidate them..

We are already maintaining ownership table for consolidation for existing fully and partially owned companies.

1. What are the steps to be taken to integrate the newly owned companies opening balances in to BPC. We are in netweaver version 10.0 but all company code balances are loaded to BW directly from external sources and from there loaded to BPC.

2.If we maintain the ownership table in the middle of the year for newly acquired companies during aquisition, will it impact any previous period.

3. How to treat the previous period income of current year for these companies in consolidation, since the acquisition happened during middle of the year.

4. If the entity hierarchy is updated for current aquisition, will it impact previous period data. If so how to ensure it is not impacted.

5. What are the other places impact to be considered while adding the aquired companies.

Appreciate your inputs