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Sep 07, 2016 at 10:48 AM

Create Search Page , Can't find Value of Search Query Node.



I want to create search page to access my own Z table data,so I create BOL with Root object "ZNSLD_COMMASTER" and Search object

"ZNSLD_COMMASTERsearch",and set into the component set "SO2".

In GENIL_BOL_BROWSER , it's works successful,

But when I create search page by wizard,

The problem is I can't find any value in this Search Query Node, so I entries in casual,

But the Search Query View got error,

What should I do next?Should I create something?

Another question is

Which one should I choose on Search result node?

I find many Documents, but I still don't know what should I do,

I'm really confused,

Please help.


WIZARD.JPG (13.8 kB)
SEARCH.JPG (16.4 kB)
ERROR.JPG (41.0 kB)
Object.JPG (10.4 kB)
WORK.JPG (54.7 kB)