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Sep 07, 2016 at 09:27 AM

Booking an Training Event from Appraisal Template



I understand that there is integration between PD and TEM and profile matchup can be performed between positions/persons to check if the required skill exists in the candidate to the required extent. My questions are -

  • Can a Training Event be brought into the appraisal template? (I hope yes, because a Training Event is an object and SAP standard procedure would allow bringing it into the template). If yes, how? (Any BADIs which can be suggested?)
  • If it is brought up, can the Profile Matchup be conducted in the Appraisal Template?
  • Suppose, the person does not have the skill set at all, or does not have it to the required extent, can the appraiser book him to the concerned training event? If he can, is that same as executing booking in the TEM module?
  • Can all of the above be achieved in TEM and ESS/MSS through standard SAP, or should we go for LSO?

Awaiting responses.

Thank you very much!


Veera Sasidhar Jangam