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Sep 07, 2016 at 07:40 AM

T133C missing records



I'm working on S/4 1511.

I'm getting error while entering MM02. I'm getting error at this line:

It's caused by missing records at T133C configuration at standard screen sequence.

There should be 12 entries but there are only 7 of them.

It's print screen from mandt 020 - at 010 circled records are missing.

When i try to insert new line i'm getting error: " Insertion not possible since maximum number of subscreens reached".
There are no changes requests at any users for this objects.

After i tried to recover those entries i couldn't change anything, because all the records are deleted again. Even if i change Z* screen sequences, there were deleted.

What can i do now?


debug.png (329.3 kB)
2.png (152.4 kB)