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Initialization of a cell in IBP


As we know that for initializing a cell we need to upload data in a stored KF for that Planning level.

Is there any other was to initialize a  cell (a combination on a Planning level).



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2 Answers

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    Sep 06, 2016 at 02:27 PM

    Hi Achal,

    Did you use CREATE_TIMEPERIODS parameter to initialize the kf? The details are mentioned in model configuration guide or in this link-



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  • Sep 06, 2016 at 04:04 PM

    As long as ANY keyfigure has already any value in any cell, working with copy operator and parameter CREATE_TIMESERIES works perfectly fine (as long as the other kyf can be calculated at the base planning level of the target key figure).

    If nothing is initialized yet e.g. because it is a new product or a new combination of product and customer, copy operator does not work but you need to upload.

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    • correct. As I said, CREATE_TIMESERIES as paramater of the copy operator can only work if you have anything already.

      If the "anything" is in another keyfigure that is on a different planning level, you have to try to calculate the correct (base) planning level by e.g. split factor

      If there is really mnothing like in a new product introduction, you have to upload.

      FOr that case, there are a couple of concepts existing and a couple of threads already (just try to search for them)

      in principle, you can load (and the current period should be sufficient)

      1) a flat file with the relevant combination via webui or HCI.

      2) if you have the master data for the combination, you can download all the relevant master data via HCI, combine the combination via HCI and upload again by adding an additionaL field for one key figure and the current period.

      Here you could enrich your e.g. product - customer master date with an attribute that could be flagged as planning relevant manually when you want to create the new combination and filter on those within the data flow. This would prevent that you get too many combination into the system. Or you put a filter on product status, customer information, shoe size or whatever might be relevant for your company

      3) load from any system such as BW or APO, where you might have already build a table / infoobject / cube etc that contains the new combination

      4) or anything else that comes into your mind (please share if you have good ideas)