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Sep 04, 2016 at 10:05 AM

How to get the values default from one component to another webdynpro component????



I am in serious situation i need to do this trying from 2 please if you know anything please share it in detail.

Requirement :


i have 2 webdynpro components COMP A,COMP B.

in comp A i will share the screen - Here in down there is Task category--> under that i will select the radio button and drop down value. Here when i click

on save it is saved.

in comp2 screen i will share the screen.Here at down Task category is there.

Needed : The Radio button selected and drop down value which is saved in component 1, should come as default value in component 2 in task ------------------- Category.

Note : I have tried with Export/Import and component usages But it don't work.The main thing is both Comp1 and Comp 2 are standard webdynpro ------- Components.I am enhancing the standard components.

Please help me out.




screen1.PNG (41.0 kB)
screen1.PNG (32.3 kB)