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Cumulative Calculations - Issues


Continuing from thread:

I have followed the notes in the thread and tried to configure accordingly but I am not getting the expected results.

Revisiting the catch points from the documents:

Catch 1: the document mentions that the Time Periods should have monthly quarterly and yearly with Monthly as base level. However, as per the requirement, in my case the time profile has a base level of weekly and the target is to achieve YTD only. Is this where the hindrance is appearing? Is the monthly as base time level, mandatory to perform this QTD, YTD calculation?

Catch 2: In the Planning Level section, will the planning levels - PERPRODTIMEAGG or PERPRODTIMEAGGATT or PERPRODTIMEAGGMODE be all-root planning level?

Catch 3: In case of Period selection in Planning Level definition, what should be the root, PERIODID or the base Time Level (Weekly is the base time level in our case)?



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    Sep 07, 2016 at 06:01 PM

    Hello Sourojit

    I think this should work with weekly level time profile as well. I have not tried it though. I'm not sure of the impact on performance though, as it would imply more calculations.

    Those planning levels should include all time profile levels, with the most granular as the root (so weekly in your case), and should have PRDID, TIMEAGGID as the other roots

    probably the biggest challenge is to create the TIMEAGGHELPER data file, as it will need to be built for the aggregation of weeks...

    Also, you need to take into account the aggregation that you use to roll up the weeks into months and make sure that the TIMEAGGHELPER data matches the way you setup the weeks in the time profile

    I hope this helps

    Best regards,


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