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Sep 03, 2016 at 06:22 AM

Issues in using Beta version.. can we continue using the earlier version.. please?



I am not sure if I am the only one but the new Beta seems to be a lot more complicated in understanding the basics specifically when i compare it with the existing version For all these issues listed please check the word doc for screenshots

I have not added it as BUG since I am not sure if I it really is a bug or a gap in my understanding.

Issue 1 Going to Questions and answers. I am searching with SRM keyword link below The list shows the result and date shows ‘Yesterday’

When I open the query it shows posted on May 20 and in some cases back to 2007. So why is this showing a wrong date?

Issue 2: How do I know which one are answered like the yellow mark and green mark we have in questions is no longer shown here

Issue 3 : When I click on Browse the community it shows me the entries based on

A to Z and no other option to sort by date etc this is weird as opposed to showing the latest information which is what I am used to seeing in the old SCN


Old :

Issue 4: how do I see my points No details about the points and how many points to next level etc..

I also saw the country being shown incorrectly although the data I am using is the same It should have shown India ?

Also the pic which I have in old SCN is now really migrated ?

Issue 5 : Some other features which I use regularly seems to be missing

-To see only my content

- To see all contents

- To see the posts I am following

- To browse people

- To see my ranking , mission , expertise

Issue 6 : No Blogs shown when I try to search for the SRM specific blogs


  1. Can we continue using the old SCN or we have to force ourself to learn the newer version if yes whats the expected timeline to go Live?
  2. The content we post in the SAP Older and newer versions are they in sync ? I do see my contents in the newer version which was posted on the older version but not sure if vice versa works as well ?
  3. What does archive blogs means ? Are they going to be deleted soon
  4. How do we post in the new community I do not see any option to create a discussion / document or blog
  5. I see an option in dropdown from Community >> Blogs and question and answers. Where is the option for showing the documents?




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