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Mar 15, 2006 at 09:13 AM

BW Web Application Stylesheet madness


Dear community,

I have a Web Template to which I assigned my own stylesheet (altered version of BWReports_ie6.css). I have my own MODIFY_CLASS for a table web item, and in method DATA_CELL I give some cells another style (C_CELL_STYLE = 'SAPBEXstdDataEmph'.)

In the stylesheet for SAPBEXstdDataEmph I have put:

color:#FF0000; (=red)


In my report I see those cells in bold, but not in red color!

They appear in black (#000000), so I looked and found that these stylesheet classes have color black in them: a:link, a:visited, a:hover.

When I change the color in a:visited to blue for instance, all my cell text appears in blue in the report.

Thinking this ‘a’ class overrules the color from the stylesheetclass which I assigned (APBEXstdDataEmph) I deleted the color parameters from a:link, a:visited and a:hover.

Instead of getting my color (red) I now get all cells in font color purple (#800080) which is not defined anywhere in my stylesheet!

On top of that, when I put the font-weight from bold to normal (no other changes to the stylesheet and no changes to the modify_class), the cells background appears gray (#AEAEAE) instead of white (#FFFFFF) and broken white (#F2F2F2) as it is setup in my stylesheet.

Can anyone clear this mystery for me? I’m going crazy here…

Kind regards,

Edwin Jacobs