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Aug 31, 2016 at 01:36 PM

In-Correct RemOrdPlan value calculated in SALR_87013558


Hi All,

We are currently facing Budget Exceeded Error issue, probably due to RemOrdPlan not getting updated. Plan / Actual / RemOrdPlan at Work Order are being analysed using ZREMORDPLAN & S_ALR_87013558 report.

In ZREMORDPLAN report, RemOrdPlan values are updated properly against WO# (IW33). Whereas, in S_ALR_87013558 RemOrdPlan values still exist even though RemOrdPlan is supposed to be Zero (as per calculation RemOrdPlan = Plan – Actual - Commitment). We have tested if S_ALR report value doesn't impact while Create transaction (Ex: PR against WO, FI- Posting) & system is throwing an Error, if Amount entered is Greater than what is shown 'Available' in report. Hence, some Table is not getting updated properly, which is impacting Available Budget, because of RemOrdPlan staying against Work Order.

Has anyone faced same issue before, and pl let me know Steps taken to resolve this issue.

Note: We cannot do TECO & force RemOrdPlan to nullify, as Customer is still expecting costs for these WO. I have executed - CJEN AND CJBN, RKANBU01, RKACOR04 and FCOM_TOTALS_ENHANCE , but none of these resolved the issue.