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Aug 30, 2016 at 08:33 AM

SLED not functional in VA01 and VL01N



I have activated Batch management and SLED functionality but it want work when I Create Sales Order or Outbound Delivery (MvT 601/602).

I have set everything, SM30 MvT 601 indicator 1, System message in tcodes OMCQ (210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215 & 671), OVAH (295) and OVM1 (203,450,451 & 898) relevant for SLED and date, create Class in tcode CL01 with characteristics LOBM_VFDAT (also incorporate LOBM_ZUSTD & LOBM_QNDAT).

In tcode VA01 for creating Sales Order when I click on icon “Item batch deter.” SAP gave me batch with SLED in past and it gives me to save this Order. After that when I start up tcode VL01N for creating Outbound Delivery SAP pop up message “24499_10_Batch &1 expires on &2” (that is system message from tcode OVM1 VL 203). So, when I choose bath with date in past everything is OK with tcode VA01 but in VL01N for that Order No (with reference) I have error system message on start and that is OK if we choose batch in that step (but not totally because we don't have info on time, in tcode VA01). In second way when I create Sales Order without “Item batch deter.” functionality and create Outbound Delivery with Order referent with that same Sales Order without predefined batch (tcode VL01N) SLED is not functional, not working properly. In tcode VL01N Batch determination functionality is giving me the Batch that is in past and I can Post GI with that batch in past. There is no error system message and I am going to deliver finished product to customer with expire shelf-life.

Where is problem?!